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Artistry Unleashed: Terracotta Jewelry with Striking Graphite Painting

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This is the world-famous folk art of the Saheriya tribe of Gwalior. Presented here is their beautiful terracotta jewelry craft. Here, the traditional method by which jewelry was made by the Saheriya tribe of Gwalior, it's fine carving, the shine that comes while firing in the oven, and its design have been kept alive completely. This jewelry is baked using the indigenous method at 700 to 800 degrees. This jewelry is completely natural and does not have any kind of color or polish on it, be it black or red. The designs made on it are also from folk art. This is natural black fire and no color has been applied to it.

  • Graphite painting has been done on terracotta jewelry craft with Wooden beads rosary.
  • This is a free size.

Free shipping on all orders

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Hear it from others

Nice product, well made.

Item was exactly as shown and described. It’s what we needed. Thanks!!

I liked them alot. There worked perfect for my curtains and they glide well on the rod

Very good quality super sturdy

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